About Stefan

Stefan Voloseniuc was born in 1983 in the small commune of Carlibaba in Vatra-Dornei, Romania.  As a schoolboy he was already interested in business but at the age of 18 he made a life changing decision to leave home and travel to Portugal and France before arriving in London in 2007.

He taught himself English and began work as a road digger before meeting his wife and starting his own fledgling contracting company, SF Stefan, in 2009.  A decade later the company employs more than 130 staff, including many Romanians, has a turnover of more than £25million and is one of the most respected civil engineering businesses in London and the South East.

sf stefan

Stefan loves boxing for fitness and has installed a gym at SF Stefan’s headquarters in Borehamwood for the use of all the staff and he is passionate about creating a happy and healthy working environment and especially very proud that he is able to employ so many Romanian men and women in the UK.
A member of the Romanian Orthodox Church and a devoted family man, Stefan lives in Wembley in North London and recently stood as a Conservative Party candidate in the 2020 Barnhill bi-election for Brent Council. He narrowly lost out after a very controversial result, which led to high court action after a number of votes allegedly, vanished.
Stefan also has a successful property development company in Romania and now that his businesses are very well established he is planning on spending more time working with and supporting the Romanian diaspora community in the UK and around the world.